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Our Mission is to Love God and Love People ~ Matthew 22:37-40

We are a dynamic community of faith made up of young and old, rich and poor, conservative and liberal, singles and families, new to the faith and long-time followers, those with a million questions and those with few.

All of our worship services are welcoming and low key. Dress for skiing, hiking, fishing, riding, or in a suit and tie!

robert_forwebThank you so much for checking us out!  Loving God and loving people through action is what Snowmass Chapel is all about.  Our mission to “Love God, Love People” drives and informs everything we do.   Jesus was clear that love is at the core of our walk with Him.

Jesus was also emphatic that we do what we do in life, not because we have to jump through hoops to be right with God, but precisely because there are no hoops because of Jesus.  The Chapel is all about a diverse, welcoming community of people learning to love God and love others. It is a place where we respond to God’s grace and help each other make a difference in the midst of all of our forgiven imperfections.

Wherever you are in your journey in faith, wherever you have been, whatever it is you might be dealing with, there is a special place for you at Snowmass Chapel.  Come and join us in the greatest adventure there is:  knowing, following and serving Christ.  Welcome!!!

With love, blessings and continual prayers –

The Rev. Dr. Robert de Wetter +   Senior Pastor
a.k.a. Robert

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We are a community of people loving each other and our Lord. Be completely humble and gentle, be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep this holy unity.

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