Tips and Tricks for enjoying Immersive 360° Worship

#1.  You can watch it on any device.  If you watch it on an iPhone, you can just move the phone around and it will use the phone’s gyroscope to show you a different perspective.  If you watch on a laptop or desktop, you can use your mouse to move the image around to see a different perspective – in all 360 degrees of direction.
#2.  For a more immersive experience, you can watch the video on YouTube with a gyroscope-enabled phone (like an iPhone) using an inexpensive viewer like this:
Or like this:
Once you have the viewer, Just open the YouTube app on your phone and search for Snowmass Chapel.  Find one of our 360 videos and click on the 3 dots at the top right corner of the screen and select “Watch in VR”.  Then hit play and insert your phone into the viewer and hold it up to your eyes for an amazingly real experience.
#3.  If you wear headphones when you watch the video on your iPhone, you will hear the sound move with the picture.  It’s called ambisonic or adaptive audio and it moves the sounds in your ears just like it would move in real life if you move your head.
#4.  If you want to go “all out,” you can order a special headset that is made for these kinds of videos.
#5.  Call or e-mail Paul Dankers if you need technical assistance. (970-309-8565 or
But regardless of how you enjoy Snowmass Chapel’s offerings, we invite you to have fun and let us know how we are doing – what you like, what we can improve, and how you are using our online resources to connect with you when we can’t be together “in person.”