You’ve got questions…we’ve got answers.

How do you observe the Sacraments

We observe the big ones: baptism and communion (also known as Eucharist, which means thanksgiving in Greek).

We can also help you participate in other sacraments observed by Christians around the world, such as marriage, ordination (if you feel so called!), confirmation, reconciliation, and anointing of the sick.

What does it mean to be inter-denominational?

Inter-denominational refers to a group of people worshipping together from a variety of denominational backgrounds (including no denomination!). Snowmass Chapel was founded on the belief that worship should honor and display the rich diversity of its people, and should never exclude or deny the expression of diversity or the emerging needs and identities of the Body of Christ. Our Senior Pastor, Rev. Charla Belinski, is ordained non-denominationally.

Why Snowmass Chapel?

If you’re looking for a place that is welcoming, loving and accepting, with practical, down-to-earth preaching, inspiring music, and is filled with hearts of compassion for a broken world, then you’ve found your place! We are rooted in Christian worship and practice, and utterly committed to being Christ in the world. We aren’t perfect, but we follow the one who is.

How else can I be involved?

Click here for Adult ministries. Here for Kids & Families. Here for Outreach and Compassion ministries. Here for Men’s Group. Here for Special Events. Here for Camp SMashBox. These ought to get you started….

When do you meet?

Weekly services are at 9am and 10:30am. Check our complete calendar for special worship services and events.

What is Camp SMashBox?

THE. BEST. DAYCAMP. EVER. Our motto is to love the crud out of kids. Check it out here and here.