Lenten Sermon Series-Rolling Stones: Releasing What Weighs Us Down

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Pick up a stone. Pick up another stone. Go ahead, pick up another. Before too

long you will notice that some stones are heavy, some quite light. Some are soft,

others hard-edged and sharp. Some stones are a delight to hold, others cut.

What might seem like a heavy stone to one may feel light to someone else.

Live life long enough and most of us become stone collectors. Not the kind of

stones found in nature, but the kind of stones that weigh us down and are hard

to release. Such stones have names. Names such as temptation, bitterness,

anger, feelings of inadequacy, not forgiving, hopelessness, just to name a few.

Join us at Snowmass Chapel each Sunday at 9 during Lent, March 10 thru April 14,

for a new sermon series, “Rolling Stones – Releasing What Weighs us Down.”

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