Every family has a story to tell.

Welcome to ours.


Babies & Toddlers 

This is where it all starts: from birth, to baptism, to bold faith. Weekly nursery care during our 9am service, plus special activities and events for little ones and their parents throughout the year. 

Pre K – 5th grade 

Weekly Sunday School during our 9am service, plus special activities and events throughout the year. Because spirituality isn’t icing on the cake; it’s the bread of life.


Whether you’re looking for crazy summer adventure for your K-6th grader, leadership development for your 7th – 9th grader, or employment opportunities for 10th graders and up, we have a wild time planned and your children are invited to be part of the fun.

Middle & High School 

Kids are seekers. It’s our job to help them engage their faith and give voice to it. We do it in out of the box ways, just like Jesus. Middle School and High School youth groups meet at various dates and times throughout the year, depending on the season. There are also a variety of special events, trips, camps, and job opportunities each year. Reach out to our youth team for a current schedule.


Partnering with the community to build kids of great character, leadership and values.

Check out our web calendar for upcoming events and activities for youth.