Welcome to Snowmass Chapel

Dear Friend,

Welcome! We’re so glad you’re here at Snowmass Chapel, nestled along Snowmass Creek with our town jewel, Mt. Daly, reaching towards the heavens off in the distance.  It is a sacred place, inviting all who walk along this little slice of heaven to take a deep, Life-giving Breath.  Whoever you are, wherever you are in your journey of faith, we  invite you to Snowmass Chapel’s meditation walk, Daly Breath: TouchPoints in the Spirit.

A “TouchPoint”  is an opportunity to ‘Touch’ into this present-moment ‘Point’ where God’s’ Holy Spirit resides. Our prayer is that ‘The Great I Am’ will walk with you today and nourish you through the TouchPoints of prayer, worship, music, nature, and silence. 

Welcome Dear Friend, to Daly Breath .

About the Daly Breath Meditation Walk

Hours of Operation: Sunrise to Sunset

The “theme” of the Daly Breath TouchPoint Walk  aligns with the weekly message from our pastors, Robert and Charla. The invitation of this meditation walk is to slowly, more deeply meditate on the  prayers, scripture,  music and silence. 

Though the actual timing of your meditations today may be different from other participants, we are all contemplating this message and these prayers together as a community this week. May this gathering of community be a source of support for you.

Each TouchPoint station has printed material as an offering for you to meditate upon. Some of these materials are drawn from our Sunday Worship service, and some are drawn from various Ministries the Chapel offers. You may reflect on printed materials alone, or if you like, you can supplement with the additional resources offered through QR codes posted at various stations. 

The Daly Breath TouchPoint Walk is intended to be experienced through a sober lens of mindfulness; The use of intoxicants is prohibited on the Chapel grounds.


Chapel sign and bridge across the river

COVID Safety Information

We are closely following all recommendations put forth by Pitkin County and the CDC to minimize spread of COVID-19 infection.  COVID Guidelines for the TouchPoints pathway are:

There is NO DISTANCE between you and God.

You may be in close proximity to members of your own household.

All others, please maintain a physical distance of 6’ or more. 

Please wear a mask in public spaces, including the TouchPoints walk at Snowmass Chapel..

Hand Sanitizer is available at TouchPoints #1 (Gateway), #11 (Connecting at the Creekside Cafe) and #4 inside the Yurt.

Bathrooms and Playgrounds are CLOSED, as we cannot adequately sanitize and disinfect them for Public Use per CDC regulations.

Outdoor seating is also NOT sanitized; Alternatives are to stand, use a blanket, yoga mat, prayer cushion or your own chair along the TouchPoints walk.

May the implementation of these guidelines be expressions of Love: 

Love of the Sanctity of Life, 

Love for one another and 

Love for ourselves.