TouchPoint 7


at the River Deck

This week’s message:


Charla Belinkski, Associate Pastor


Forgiveness. An essential marker of our Christian faith and one of the easiest things the Bible instructs us to do.

Ha. If only it were that simple.

What does Jesus have to say about forgiveness?

Well, he wants us to forgive continually, “70×7 times,” he says.

Why? Because, we are forgiven, and because he wants us to be in right relationship with people, for the sake of others, and for the sake of our own hearts.

Take a moment to consider Sunday’s message again, and ask God to examine your heart.

  • What are you harboring in your heart?
  • What do you need to forgive, possibly AGAIN?
  • Take some time to imagine what it would be like if you were free from that pain and able to let it go?
  • Ask God to take it away and help you to forgive, and live forgiven.


Lord, We ask that you give us life without anger, bitterness, or sorrow. Break the chain. Amen.

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