TouchPoint 8

Prayer Garden

at the river’s edge

A Child’s Prayer 


Dear God,


We pray for you to help us to be gentle.

Give us strength to forgive,

patience to understand,

faith to know what is right,

and then strength to DO what is right even when it’s hard.


Please help us trust that goodness will overcome evil, 

and love will overcome hatred.


We pray to imagine and believe in a world free from violence.

A new world where people don’t do bad things because they are afraid,

or hurt others out of selfishness.


God please help us to devote our whole lives, thoughts and energy to make peace, bring hope, be welcoming, and follow your teachings about love,

so we can grow to be all that you created us to be.



You are invited to voice any prayers you may have, In silence, outloud or in writing on a prayer card. 

If it feels supportive for you, written prayer cards can be placed in Snowmass Chapel’s GOD CAN at Touchpoint #11, where they will be  prayed over in anonymity or by name if you choose.

In times like these, it can be hard to think of fear as a healthy emotion created by God.  When we’re afraid, we slow down, become cautious and pay attention.  It’s a perfect time to pray.  Fear invites us to pause and sort through our thoughts – even writing them down.  With each thought, we can ask,

 “God, is this really you?”  

By attending to only the thoughts based in love, we can find our way out of the morass of fear and move towards God’s intention for our life.

The Caring Connection team members are here to listen, care, encourage, and provide emotional and spiritual support to people going through tough times. We can hike, go for a walk, grab some coffee, or sit in the living room — it’s up to you but know we are committed to being present for you. We are trained laypeople, not therapists. If you need professional assistance or intervention, we can connect you with the help you need.


If you would like to learn more about this powerful ministry – either for yourself or someone you know inside or outside of our Chapel congregation – please contact our Care Coordinator, Sue de Campo, at (970) 300-1223 or

The Caring Connection is brought to you by the caring ministries of Snowmass Chapel. One-on-one peers are trained by Stephen Ministries and our goal is to reach out with love to people who are hurting – regardless of religious affiliation or background.

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