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Peak 22

Love Up. Love In. Love Out.
What’s not to love about that?

“‘Love God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’” – Matthew 22:37-38

Peak 22 is our fancy way of saying “Sunday School,” or “Youth Group,” but don’t tell your children that! We are a community who comes together to love, to play and have fun, to encourage, to support, to worship, to celebrate, to be silly, to serve, to grow, and when necessary, to grieve.

At Peak 22 we spend our time together in an outdoor setting as much as possible, because that’s what Jesus did (annnnd it doesn’t hurt that our campus is awe-inspiringly gorgeous, complete with a ropes course, treehouse, and babbling brook). We use experiential ed and hands on activities to communicate points. Jesus didn’t just tell the people about loaves and fish… he let his students touch and smell and eat the lesson. He knew his disciples would learn best, and be most interested in his teachings, when all their senses were engaged.

We hope your children will join us in a Peak group real soon!  

Children’s Ministry

Infant & Toddler Care

Snowmass Chapel’s Creekside Room is open during our 9am service for babies and their parents who might need an alternate place to play, sleep, or nurse. A live stream of the service is available with toys and free hot coffee to boot.

Snow Angels

Our baby & toddler room, for ages 6 mo through 3 years, is open during our 9am service and provides supervised care, play, music, a snack, and a very short “lesson”. We believe children are never too young to begin hearing about how much God loves them. We use the “First Look” curriculum with our babies and toddlers, which focuses on communicating simple truths like “God is Love,” and “God is always with us.”

Click here to access parent take-home materials that support our curriculum for this age group. (link to Google folder)

Preschool & Kindergarten

Snow Bunnies

Ages 3 through 6 gather together with friends at 9am on Sunday mornings for play, worship, a craft or activity, and a lesson. Our “First Look” curriculum is built upon Matthew 22 (“Love God, Love People”) and is guided by three relational motives:

  • Move kids to Love God by inciting Wonder
  • Move kids to Love Life by provoking Discovery
  • Move kids to Love Others by fueling Passion


In addition to the “First Look” lesson plans we leverage Godly Play materials, which allow children to touch and manipulate wooden components of the stories they hear.

Peak snow bunnies

1st - 3rd / 4th - 6th

Jibbers & Shredders

Elementary and lower middle school students are invited to join us at 9am on Sunday mornings for high energy worship and hands on games and activities.

Our Peak teachers are implementing the “252 Basics” curriculum to help your child grow in their relationship with Jesus. The curriculum is based on three basic principles.  Wisdom, faith, and friendship. Associated with those principles are three truths:

  • I will make the wise choice.
  • I can trust God no matter what.
  • I should treat others the way I want to be treated.


Our lesson plans are organized around key Bible stories that help kids discover Jesus and reflect His character to the world around them. Every month presents a new focus area and mini-series to help children discover more about God’s character. Children will leave Peak able to recite the weekly Bottom Line and encouraged to commit a scripture verse to memory for the following Sunday.

Character Coins & the Coin Store

Outdoor and experiential Sunday School aren’t the only unique components that make Peak 22 special. Children love our Character Coins and store!

Kids earn our plastic currency for loving up, loving in, and loving out. Things like showing up for worship, being fully present, committing scripture to memory, being kind and respectful, and helping the teacher or a friend are all ways children can earn coins. At the end of each Sunday service children have the chance to purchase a prize, donate to a cause / tithe, or do a little of both.

Student Ministry

We have an amazing and dynamic group of upper middle school and high school students involved in the Chapel community!

It is our goal at Snowmass Chapel that during these transitional years, our students remain convinced that they are loved, valuable, and created for a purpose. We communicate this messaging by listening to students without judgement, hanging out with them on their terms, providing opportunities for students to contribute and serve, and continuously reminding our friends that God loves them no matter what.

Middle School

Our group meeting days, times, and specifics change throughout the year based on seasonality and tween schedules.

Our annual calendar for upper Middle School students typically includes:

  • Young Life camp in November and June
  • BEYOND outreach trips throughout the year
  • A smattering of camping nights and lock-ins
  • Volunteer opportunities on Sunday mornings & more
  • Leadership development and service with Camp SMashBox throughout summer


Please check in with Kara for specifics on how your middle schooler can get involved.

High School

Our group meeting days, times, and specifics change throughout the year based on seasonality and schedules.

Our annual calendar for High School students typically includes:

  • Young Life camp in June
  • BEYOND outreach trips throughout the year
  • An international service trip in Spring
  • Volunteer opportunities on Sunday mornings & more
  • Employment opportunities with Camp SMashBox throughout summer


Please check in with Kara for specifics on how High School students can get involved.


From camps to camping trips, retreats to parenting classes, counseling to coffee dates, Snowmass Chapel is here for your family. Join our mailing list to stay current on offerings, or reach out to Kara with specific needs.

Outside the Box and Beyond Church Walls...

At Snowmass Chapel, we love lovin’ on people, no matter who they are or what their religious affiliation may be. We have many offerings for kids, teens and families beyond Sunday mornings and outside of religious ed. No matter how or when you decide join our fun, we look forward to knowing you!

Camp Smashbox

Join the Bash!

This wild, wacky, and a little bit weird summer camp is 100% love-in-action and 100% adventure. It’s our way of connecting children with nature, with one another, and with leaders who love them, without any religious agenda other than love. Jesus said, “Let the children come to me and do not hinder them.” If talking about God and religion is what is keeping kids away from the church, then we’re just going to shut our mouths and let our actions do the talking. Check out for more information on our extremely popular summer camp, with opportunities for children to participate ages 5 thru college!


We’ve found there’s no better way to build friendship and community than hitting the road together. Our BEYOND trips cater to middle and high school students, happen multiple times per year, and are fun, active, and varied! Join our mailing list for upcoming trip information and go BEYOND with us!

Want more information about any of our children, student or family programs? Contact Kara at!

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