Kind Neighbor Project

The Kind Neighbor Project is a collaboration between Snowmass Chapel, Aspen Snowmass and the whole Snowmass community.  We have many young people who come here excited and happy for the new adventure, but they often lack the support they need. Our goal is to make this transition easier for a healthy and rewarding experience. We want to help alleviate stress, loneliness, and disappointment. You can help make this an easier transition and a healthy, rewarding time. Happy employees increases the health and well-being of our whole community! 

Common needs for our first-year community members:

  • Homemade cookies
  • A place at your table
  • Communication for local events/ movie night/dinners, game nights
  • Rides to the grocery store/ Target/Walmart/Glenwood Springs/ Thrift Store
  • Kitchen supplies
  • Bedding
  • Someplace to just have fun!
  • Sponsor Community events 

In addition to Aspen Snowmass there are numerous other businesses in our valley bringing in seasonal workers — all are welcome to participate. 

Join Snowmass Chapel as we create community alongside our new neighbors!

To volunteer, please contact Coulter Burch at or Deborah Madsen at