As many of you now know, I will be taking a sabbatical beginning June 5th after church. I will be back at the pulpit on Sunday, September 18th. After 17 years of ministry it is time for renewal, restoration, and time spent away with God and family.

My colleagues in parishes around the country have urged me for years to do what they have done, that is, to take a sabbatical. All have said it was of great benefit for themselves as well as their church communities.

Our chapel staff, board members, and committee leaders are prepared and have planned for an exciting summer at the Chapel. From engaging discussions, to a fabulous teaching series, and a variety of superb visiting preachers. he next three months will indeed be ones of growth and deepening faith for all. Please check our website for all events and drop by to see the hundreds of children enjoying and thriving in our summer programs.

I have conveyed to all that this summer is not to be a holding pattern, but rather one of continued movement and Holy Spirit led development. It is my prayer that the Chapel will be different upon my return in ways that reflect the power of Jesus working through all of our lives.

I view this sabbatical as my half time, as I begin my 8th year as your senior pastor this summer. I believe there is so much more that God is calling us to do together and that we will be astonished at what our Lord does in the second half.

Part of my sabbatical time will be intensive alone time spent with Jesus in prayer exploring the future course of the Chapel. We have an immense responsibility to change lives and to continue to love God and love people through what we do as a community of faith.

In the meantime, Beth Blakemore, Chair of our Board of Trustees, and Charla Belinski, our Assistant Pastor will be in charge of the Chapel yet reporting to the same boss I’ve had all along, Jesus. Charla will coordinate all pastoral care activities along with Sue de Campo, our Care Coordinator.

Please know how grateful I am to each of you. These years here have been an astonishing blessing to my family and me. We are thrilled and feel so blessed to be here among you. Thank you for having us and we look forward to what God has in store for us all in our upcoming second half. Go God!!! We will be holding everyone in prayer.

Love and blessings
Robert +