I’ve been pondering vision lately, and I’m not talking about my eyesight. (Although, since we’re on the subject: what the heck, reading glasses?!)

The kind of vision I’ve been pondering is the one our future holds in our mind’s eye. This kind of vision is meant to inspire us, both professionally and personally, and move us toward the way things could or should be. Vision requires a clear picture of the future rather than the status quo. It’s about God empowering us to change circumstances for the better.

Vision says, What is our reality right now, where is God calling us, and how do we make operational changes to get there?

This past year Snowmass Chapel has gotten very clear on vision. Under Pastor Robert de Wetter’s leadership, the staff, board and lay leaders have prayed, examined, discussed, debated, and drilled down into all areas of ministry. As a result, here is how Robert articulates his vision for all of us as a community of believers living out our faith in the world: Snowmass Chapel will be the most thriving, healing, advocating, affirming, mold-breaking, outward-reaching, life-changing, high impact, loving network of Jesus-followers possible.

DOESN’T THAT JUST MAKE YOU SMILE? You can read here about how Robert views each of those words, but when I read that Vision Statement, I personally see FREEDOM TO INNOVATE! The words are so intertwined – they work together beautifully: you can be thriving AND mold-breaking; advocating AND loving; affirming AND a follower of Jesus.

Robert has always fostered a spirit of innovation here – if you feel the Spirit move and have a fire in your belly to do something, Robert makes sure you have the support and resources to get ‘er done. It’s one of the things our staff loves about being on this team, and it is so REFRESHING.

So with this innovative spirit in mind, here are the top three priorities that a committee of folks at the Chapel has come up with to operationalize the vision – that is, to create action steps that will change lives and build up the kingdom while keeping the vision in mind:

  1. Connecting: If we want to help people connect to God by coming to worship, engaging in a spiritual life, and truly know what it means to be part of a loving network of Jesus-followers, then we need to intentionally live the gospel wherever we go. How many sermons have really changed your lives? (Come on, really….). But how many PEOPLE have impacted you in ways you will never forget? That is connection, and it makes all the difference. So let’s make it obvious and easy: Welcome newcomers with gentleness and joy. Be hospitable to everyone, not just the ones who look and act like you. Create meaningful, fun programs and activities that help people. Offer a cup of coffee and a smile.
  2. Deepening: In addition to easy connections, people want deep and meaningful relationships. With God and with each other. Workshops, small groups, mentoring, baptism classes, bible study –  it all matters – and every bit of it will strengthen your relationships with God and with one another so that you can heal, find joy and thrive.
  3. Communication: If we want people to be changed by what God is calling us to do, then we can’t sit in the building simply hoping they will come. We’re all about letting people know where we are, but also meeting them where they are. We value our partnerships in the community which allow us to advocate and affirm the most vulnerable, and we believe this make a difference in the world. We want Snowmass Chapel to be known by the love of its people in the world.

So how does all this “dreaming” become a reality? To a large part, and thanks to you, it already is. Our dream –our aim — is that everyone who is part of the Chapel intentionally acts on the vision in meaningful ways. Your greeting, teaching, leading, offering, serving, smiling – through each of these you represent the Chapel both here and “out there,” and more importantly you are allowing others to see the love of God played out in you. It’s win-win. Just think of what we can do together!