Chap goes to the psychiatrist and says, “sometimes I think I’m a yurt, and sometimes a tipi.” The Dr. says, “you’re two tents.”

Was out camping when a monk tried to sell me flowers but I said no. I like to do my bit to prevent florist friars.

Got camping insurance but apparently if someone steals my yurt in the middle of the night I’m no longer covered.

Why are ministers so often stressed? Because their job is in tents. (Good thing ours is in a yurt!)

And on that note…

Have you see Snowmass Chapel’s newly constructed yurt? If you haven’t seen it, stop on in and check it out. It’s definitely something kinda different. And fun. And unique. And outdoorsy. And quirky. And spirit-invoking and holy feeling. And mold-breaking.

Wow, sounds just like Snowmass Chapel, doesn’t it?

Oh, good! That was the goal.

The yurt project became a solid vision in April of 2018, during a focused strategic planning session.

“Snowmass Chapel is a church where congregants embrace, ‘living the adventure’ with Jesus,” we wrote down.

“People in our valley ‘find God in the mountains,’ and live a ‘#natureisourchurchtoo’ kind of life,” we wrote.

“Right now our kids walk into an office building that has been retrofitted. If children and families are one of our top priorities, we should have a space that screams, ‘Welcome! This space is for you,'” we said.

So we kept dreaming…

A team was formed. They started putting pen to paper. They fundraised. They sought out bids and learned logistics. They met with the town. They dreamed a little more…

With the help of many, the yurt vision began to come to life last summer, 2019.

Before the first snow fell the Snowmass Chapel community found ourselves “blessing the yurt.” Singing “How Great Thou Art,” acapella, in a circle with friends brought more than a few people to tears that day.

We have already had some special moments in our new structure (many of which we will share with you next week – stay tuned!), and we look forward to many more. Thank you for supporting this project, for catching the vision, and for being a church that says, “yes.” We truly are a body of believers who are “something kinda different.”

How refreshing.

See ya in the yurt,

Kara Gilbert, Director of Children Youth and Families