In the 1980’s I was a consulting psychologist for a medical hospital group. I spent a majority of my time with nurses, physicians, hospital directors, as well as oncology patients. At the main office for the group of hospitals I worked under the umbrella of Human Resources. It was there I met June who was the Administrative Assistant to the VP of HR. As a native of Guyana, June was special. We became friends and over the years she called me every year for my birthday and wedding anniversary.

Several years ago, June was diagnosed with a specific kind of blood cancer. Throughout her illness we touched base and prayed. This last weekend I watched her memorial service online which was streamed from a church in Santa Monica. During the service, one person said that “June was a thermostat. Whenever she entered a room, she read the temperature and set the right atmosphere for everyone.”

Needless to say I was deeply moved by these words and knew them to be true about June. But over the days since Saturday, I’ve been reflecting upon something. I’ve asked myself, “What kind of thermostat am I? Whenever I enter a space with another person or group of people do I show up in a way that sets the right atmosphere for everyone? When things are hot, do I offer a cooling influence? When things are cold, am I able to warm people up who are chilled by circumstances or unwelcome events?”

June was a dear friend who blessed me immensely by her profound faith, love, care, and encouragement. Whenever we were in touch, she read my temperature and helped me get back to just the right set point. As such, I invite you to join me in pondering what kind of thermostats we are. Do we show up in ways that help those around us return to just the right temperature, a temperature that reflects the love of God?

God bless you June. I shall miss you immensely.