I recently came across a very interesting article entitled, “9 things that make you unlikable.”  The title caught my attention and it turned out to be one of those websites where you have to click through several pages to get through each of the “9 things.”  But I thought the content was actually worth the effort.  If you have the time, check out the article and see if you’ve fallen into any of these 9 pitfalls.


As I read through the list, I came to the realization that Christians really should be the most likable people in the world, because the Bible addresses pretty much all of the practices that could potentially make you unlikable.  I created a quiz that pairs the 9 traits with Bible verses that are (hopefully) on topic.  Take the quiz and see how many you can guess! Feel free to share your scores and comments after you finish.


In a world where love is generally contingent upon our likability profile, it’s pretty amazing to know that God loves us no matter how unlikable we are!

Best wishes for your journey!

~Paul Dankers
Music & IT Director
Snowmass Chapel