For as long as I can remember, I have loved birds.  When I was growing up, the grandmother of my best friend had a Myna bird.  While I can’t remember his name, we were delighted to hear him talk as he freely roamed the house.  I also was blessed to have a pet canary and later a paraquet.  If we pay attention, birds of all kinds continually surround us whatever ecological zone we happen to find ourselves within.

Years ago while living alongside a lake in Upstate New York, I encountered the Loon for the first time.  It is a spectacular bird, not only because of its behavior, but particularly due to its call.  I don’t know whether to say the call of the Loon is melancholy, mysterious, mystic or haunting, but it does capture one’s full attention and I find its call to be magnificent.  I miss hearing the call of the Loon here in the Rocky Mountains.  

While living back east, one day I walked into a store and displayed on the wall was a clock.  I immediately bought it because every hour on the hour, recorded sounds of a variety of Loon calls are played.  Just hearing the clock sound brings back a flood of memories of gazing across calm lakes watching Loons dive for their prey.  

A few days ago I noticed something seemed different as I sat at my desk.  It took me a while to figure it out, but I soon realized I no longer heard the sound of Loons coming from the clock. I had forgotten to change the battery and it had stopped.     

As I took out the old battery and put in the new, I was reminded of an important truth.  If we want something to be an active, enriching part of our lives, we have to not only pay attention, but to be attentive.  The Loon clock only keeps sounding on the hour if I care for it.  The same, of course, is true of our relationships with others.  

People are the source of what it most important in life.  And so I have spent some time thinking not about what battery I need to replace in a clock, but what relationships that make me who I am may need a charge and some attention.  I invite you to join me in pondering whose voices you miss hearing in life.  Give them a call and recharge what has been.