My name is Crichelle Brice, and I am so excited to be joining the Chapel family as your new Youth Programs Coordinator! I have been involved in ministry my whole life. My clergy family served in London’s urban east end for my first decade, and then we moved to a 450-year-old boarding school where my father was the chaplain, before moving to America when I was 16. I graduated Aspen High in 2013, and then from Texas Christian University in 2017. Since returning to Aspen, I have worked at the Pitkin County library, and serve as the vice chair of the Pitkin County board for Senior Services. I am passionate about advocating for intergenerational mentorship and access to health care. I am the advisor for two clubs at Aspen High School, where I have been substitute teaching for the past three years. I get along especially well with teenagers (much to my own surprise). I love learning, and inspiring others to discover their gifts. I look forward to serving and growing our children and young people. I care deeply about faith in action, and ensuring that every child and young person feels like they belong at church. I am excited to get to know all of you! I am available to meet with parents and youth for coffee (but let’s be real, I’m actually making you the best cup of British tea you’ll get stateside). Shoot me an email! We also have some fun youth events planned in the upcoming weeks, and I hope that plenty of kids and teens can make it!

With love and respect,
Crichelle Brice