One of life’s greatest treasures are the friends we have, who love, encourage, and support us. Since my family and I arrived over 11 years ago, we have been blessed to call Ian and Brenda our friends. I, along with many of you, miss their presence among us. COVID-19 has prohibited them from traveling here from their native Australia. I want to express my tremendous gratitude to them both for being such a beloved part of the Chapel family. From the Rev. Ian preaching to reading to caring and Brenda’s steady presence helping in so many ways on Sunday mornings, over the years they have helped to shape what the Chapel has become. Thank you Ian and Brenda. We love you and count on seeing you again. Ian and Brenda recently wrote to me. I have included a link to their email for those who would like further details about their lives now. Please join me in holding these two amazing souls in prayer for strength, peace, and guidance.

Robert +


IAN AND BRENDA SANDERSON have been part of the chapel family since the early 1990s, and numerous times during that period Ian has conducted worship as an honorary guest preacher.

Additionally, when residing in their Snowmass condo, Brenda and Ian most Sundays are part of the volunteer team. They regard the chapel as their spiritual home and have made so many wonderful friends amongst its folk. Further have developed the highest regard for Robert and Charla, considering the chapel really blessed to have two such wonderful ministers. Gifted communicators and Charla “home grown”, one of our own! Then the other chapel staff. Great people indeed doing a superb job.

During their Fall 2019 visit it became apparent the Sanderson’s “TIME HAD COME” as Snowmass part time residents. Ian simply could no longer, acclimate to the village altitude, despite “fighting” to do so and those who know him appreciate he doesn’t give in easily. Hence in October last the condo was put on the market. They next visited winter 2020, fortunately leaving early February just before the Corona Virus hit. The condo has now been sold. Financial settlement occurred Monday 10th September. Unfortunately, the asking price took a real hit, but given the upkeep was costing around fifty thousand Australian dollars a year were desperate to sell ASAP. Also retirement income has been severely impacted by the Virus. Not “crying poor”, but having ceased to ski, maintaining a condo in a ski resort doesn’t make financial sense.

It was intended to make a final trip to Snowmass in May 2020 but again the virus has effectively stopped all travel between the USA and Australia, a situation which continues right up to the present time. When this changes we will of course make that farewell trip but probably stay at a lower altitude and commute up valley to Snowmass to say our farewells in person.

So to all in the words of hymn writers “God be with you till we meet again”. May you as we have always done find in the chapel worship, “strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow”.

With all our love and thanks for having us as part of your chapel family.

Ian and Brenda Sanderson