We did it! We graduated from seminary, you and I. And don’t you dare say you didn’t do anything because that is FALSE. As I trudged my way through 1,800 hours of homework, more than 100 textbooks, and some 165 miscellaneous readings these past three years, of one thing I am certain: YOU WERE WITH ME. You offered your support, prayers, guest rooms. You asked hard questions that I promised to get back to you on, and offered insights of your own for me to ponder. You gave me tips on better preaching and your two-cents on whether I should wear a robe and a collar in the pulpit (sorry to disappoint). You built me up when I was tired and you cut me slack when my plate was so full things were tumbling from the edges. You were the very presence of Christ’s love and grace these past three years.

At the worship service the day before commencement, each graduate was asked to bring an item that represented our journey and to place it on the altar. I put you there. Really! Three years ago, as I departed Snowmass for my first week of seminary classes and retreat time with my cohort at Iliff, Snowmass Chapel sent me off with a blessing and basketful of the sweetest cards, letters and emails. I took them with me to my room in Denver, read each one (which took some time and a few tears), and decorated my room with them for the week. It was a visible reminder to me that first week that I was there by the grace of God and the good people of Snowmass Chapel. It was only fitting that you make the journey with me one last time. I hope you liked the view from up front!

Your sweet cards & letters adorning my hotel room in 2014 and with their rightful place on the altar during our senior worship, 2017






Until three years ago I was getting pretty good at saying no to God when I felt that holy nudge. I wrote about my reluctance (and what finally got my attention!) here. I was so intent on where I thought I was headed that didn’t realize how AWESOME it is to be led one surprising step at a time. That’s what I reflected on today as I walked across the stage to accept my degree. The Spirit of God has whet my appetite and I can’t wait to see what’s in store next. We walk by faith, not by sight, scripture says. Yet so often we still want to be in control. One thing is for certain — if God had left it all up to me, I’d still be pushing and pulling my way and I most certainly would NOT have suggested I go to seminary! So graduation today is, for me, this beautiful example of opening up to God’s plan whatever it might be, and then stepping out in some cute high heels and saying, “Ok, God. Where to now?!”