Although I typically use a keyboard on my computer or voice writing on my i-phone, I use pens daily.  While a pen is much slower than a keyboard, there is something about a pen I prefer.  Things slow down and there is more time to think before moving a word from the mind to paper.  Perhaps this is why I miss slower attached ski lifts where there was more time for conversation and taking in the scenery with friends. Clearly faster is not always better.

This week we continue in the 40-day season of Lent.  The season in which we ponder and pray about the cross and resurrection of Jesus.  It certainly is an opportunity to come clean with ourselves and others with regard to things we have done we wish we had not and things we did not do we wish we had.   And of course, these 40 days are an invitation to intentionally spend more time with our loving, gracious, and forgiving Creator.

A day or so ago I was putting some ideas down on paper for some upcoming sermons and for a variety of programs we are doing at the Chapel.  I was sitting in a comfortable chair with a footstool.  Before I fell asleep for a 15-minute nap, I slouched lower and lower in the chair, meaning the paper pad I was writing upon moved from a downward position to an upward position against my knees.

Just before dozing off, I noticed the ink was becoming lighter and lighter as I wrote, not because it was running out of ink, but because the tip of the pen slowly became pointed upward as the paper pad moved in the same direction.  Wanting to get some more thoughts down quickly, I stopped writing, adjusted my position, and began to write a bit more.

Stop and adjust.  As I think about it, stop and adjust are two great concepts and ideas to act upon during this season of Lent.  Perhaps there are ways of being, ongoing conversations, manners of thinking, or methods of approaching situations and people in which we need to simply stop, adjust, and start over again.

Sometimes we have to simply stop to get perspective, to create an opportunity for things to start flowing again in the right direction, and to give ourselves a moment to collect ourselves and make needed adjustments.  It can be hard to adjust without stopping sometimes and stopping without making any adjustments can keep us stuck in non-beneficial ways.

Over the days ahead, I invite you to join me in thinking about those situations or relationships in life in which, like a pen pointed toward the sky, things are just not flowing like they should.  Think about hitting the pause button and while stopped, think about needed adjustments on your part.

And the idea of stop and adjust is what repentance is all about.  It is about stopping and turning ourselves back toward God instead of away from God.  The Good News is that God never needs to stop and adjust when it comes to you and to me.  God is always in the right position in that regard, which is one of welcome and love.