I love Australia and Australians so I was particularly delighted recently to encounter so many folks from Down Under here skiing.  While there are many world class and gifted Australian skiers, others who were visiting looked more like kangaroos hopping across desert sands.

A few days ago I was at the top of Snowmass standing in line to go up the Poma platter lift.  I was surrounded by a group of gregarious and fun-loving Australians. I joined them in laughter and joking.  Some of them had never been on a platter lift so, needless to say, person after person grabbed the pole and – instead of standing – attempted to sit down, resulting in roll-over tumbles. Despite the growing line, even locals found the scene to be entertaining.

When I finally was able to head up the mountain, I thought of how much easier the platter lift makes it to ascend to the top of the mountain.  I for one know I would be winded if I had to climb to the top. In some ways my experience on the Poma that day is a great metaphor for God.

Like a platter lift, when we have steep ascents in life ahead of us, if we hold onto God, I believe challenges are much easier to endure.  When we grab onto God instead of trying to do it on our own, I believe we often discover greater peace, more strength and greater staying power.   But like a novice skier on a platter lift who tries too hard to control things, we’ll often find ourselves tumbling this way and that if we try to control God instead of letting God take the lead.

I wish my new Australian friends a joyous time here and I pray that each of us, regardless of which continent we call home, will invite God to help us make it up whatever mountain we have ahead.