Something kinda different.


Once upon a time, in a land (not so) far, far away, was a little Chapel tucked right into the enchanted woods. One might miss that the woods are magic, if their eyes have forgotten how to see that sort of thing. One might even miss that the Chapel is there at all, but because you are reading this, I surmise you are one of the ones who know of it’s charm.

What you might not know, is that ten days ago the Wonderers came back. They arrived under and through the cardboard rainbow and spread like flood waters filling a depression on the two acre wood. You might not know it because you yourself, are in fact far, far away. Or you might not know it because when the Wonderers are here, it can be “unsafe” to enter the land.

“Unsafe” because the water from squirters is flying through the air… Look out!! You might get wet!

“Unsafe” because bubbles from the pile rise and dance on gusts of wind… Look out!! You might get sudsy!

“Unsafe” because when a Wonderer is told to get ready for the next best thing, those youngest among them might just drop their knickers right there in the yard to avoid that line for the changing room… Look out!! You might just die laughing.

“Unsafe” because when the stampede is en route to adventure in the promised land, there’s no stopping them… Look out!! You might get swept up and have to come along!

But really, would that be such a bad thing?

When Camp Smashbox is in session at Snowmass Chapel, kids are invited to experience the love and adventure and WILD FREEDOM that life with Jesus has to offer. We don’t tell kids about this WILD FREEDOM here… Because really, have you ever met an 8 year old who wants to go to summer camp to sit down and be told things? Hahahaha. That’s funny.

No, in this magical land we speak the language of the Wonderers: PLAY. It’s under and through the cardboard rainbow and over the bridge where the river dragons live that kids get to FEEL what life with Jesus is really about.

It’s Love. It’s Acceptance. It’s Wild. It’s Freedom. And it’s goooooood.

As we get out the red, white, and blue this weekend, I invite you to also consider the freedom that each of us is offered in Christ. Jesus came to abolish old laws, do away with 86,576,8776655567777 rules, and establish a new order of exciting living with God.

But here’s the catch with that invitation… I invite you not to “consider your freedom” like an adult would, thinking and writing and talking and meditating. I invite you to “consider your freedom” like a Wonderer. Friend, this weekend go ahead and grab a water squirter, do something kinda different, and baptize a loved one with a steady stream of holy joy and holy play.

Live Loved. Live Wild. Live Free. It’s real good.
Happy Independence Day.