We learn in the Book of Acts that Jesus’ followers were first called Christians in a city named Antioch, which today sits on the border of Turkey and Syria.  The word Christian means belonging to Christ.  

The word belong comes from root words which mean “to go along with, or to be the property of, or to be a member of…”

As I think about these definitions, I feel compelled to ask myself, “Do I belong to Christ?  Do I go along with Christ?  Am I the property of Christ?”  These are important questions for each of us to ponder, I believe.  Not only important, but fundamental, central, and key.

Richard Stearns, the CEO of World Vision, wrote an amazing book entitled, “The Hole in our Gospel: What Does God Expect of Us?”  Here are some excerpts from his words and from words he quotes from others within the book.

“When we commit ourselves to following Christ, we also commit to living our lives in such a way that a watching world would catch a glimpse of God’s character, His love, justice and mercy, through our words, acts and behavior.

And finally quoting Mother Teresa, he writes, “I am a little pencil in the hand of God who is sending a love letter to the world.”  She had it right.  We are not the authors, any of us.  We are just the pencils.”

And so again I ask myself, “Do I belong to Christ?  Do I really belong to Christ and do I see myself as God’s writing instrument as God sends a love letter to the world?”

From where I sit, so much seems amiss in this valley, in our culture, and in our world. If we open our eyes, we each know this to be true.  That said, in saying this, I don’t feel like I am being particularly negative because as you have heard me speak about over and over and over there is also so much good happening everywhere all the time in the middle of what is bad.  

The world has always faced significant and sometimes horrific problems and this was certainly the case for the first Christians.  Early Christians,  despite everything, regardless of the problems of culture, in the midst of what was terribly wrong, were called Christians who followed the Way.  I believe in the midst of these challenging times of 2018,  in which there is much good and much which is so far off base, we too, as Christians, are called to be intentional about following the Way.

So what is the Way, what might it look like, and why it is important?  

Jesus in John’s Gospel said something.  Jesus said, “I am the Way.”  In other words, the way is Jesus.  The more we follow Jesus, the more we invite Jesus to take over our lives, the more we allow ourselves to be Jesus’ property in the sense of belonging to Him, the more we accept becoming more and more like Him. the more we are willing to be different, to act differently, and to stand out from how others are acting, the more we are following the Way.  

And I believe we begin to move away from the Way, move away from Jesus, whenever the practical, the political, the social, the cultural, and other such claims on our lives compete, replace, or too greatly inform who or what we are willing to be about out in the world.  

Being a Christian and being people of the Way is a complete and total call upon all aspects of our lives.   That said, however, I need to be clear.  No one can follow the way perfectly.  It is why we need a Savior.  

Despite our best efforts to follow the way fully, completely, and wholly, we will be imperfect, flawed and sometimes very off track in doing so, hence the importance and centrality of humility.  When we follow the way, humility and forgiveness must be part of the core of who we are way down deep.   We are invited not to take ourselves too seriously because we take Jesus very seriously and his love, his forgiveness, and his way of treating people.  

So what is the Way in a world in which so much seems amiss?  The answer is Jesus and to become his totally devoted followers in such a way that we are his presence wherever we find ourselves.  

This last week I began a sermon series at the Chapel.  In it, I shared a song released two years ago written by Lori McKenna.  

Here are just a few excerpts from the lyrics.  “Visit grandpa every chance that you can…It won’t be wasted time…Hold the door, say please, say thank you…Don’t steal, don’t cheat, don’t lie…Don’t hold a chip on your shoulder…Bitterness keeps you from flying…I love you ain’t no pick up line…Don’t take life for granted…Always stay humble and kind…”

Always be humble and kind.  Those two things alone are enough to change much of what is wrong out in the world.  Those two things are often enough to change what is amiss in our hearts. And those two things alone, will greatly help us follow the Way, follow Jesus, to which we are all called.  

Tune in next week for more…