Summer is here and the flowers on the hillsides of Aspen and Snowmass are in full bloom.

Last week the kids and I trekked a sweet path behind Clark’s market. We stumbled upon a wooden staircase that was surrounded by purple and yellow flowers. We made it to the top and once we got past the dusty peak, we descended onto a trail encased by bushes and shrubs. Every once in a while the dense folliage opened up to small meadows of vibrant flowers that seemed to be doused with fluttering butterflies.

How many butterflies could we count? We couldn’t, there were so many!

Grandma told the kids that some people think of butterflies as special spirits who are with us. They liked this concept and continued our hike in awe of the wonders of our earth and mesmerized by the thought of the spirits beyond.

The very next day a butterfly kit we had ordered from Amazon arrived in the mail. A netted cage was included along with a small container of live caterpillars that were no bigger than the width of my pinky nail. The caterpillars seemed lethargic after their bumpy ride to our home. We weren’t sure they were going to survive. But slowly, as they gobbled up the muck at the bottom of their container, which looked like peanut butter but much less appetizing, the caterpillars began to grow. Each day they doubled in size. In their tiny plastic container they crawled around and ate and ate and after 7 days, one by one, they climbed to the lid of their habitat. We watched as, little caterpillar foot by little caterpillar foot, each one slowly released their grasp until their world was turned upside down and they were just barely hanging on. Currently they are chrysalises, attached and asleep. Our family waits in anticipation for the beauty we expect to emerge at the end of this cycle.

I just love the deeply simple metaphors that nature gifts us. Here are the profound spiritual truths that these tiny creatures are teaching our family as we watch a transformation take place:

  1. Baby caterpillars (at least these ones) start off kinda ugly.
  2. You have-ta start somewhere, and that might mean crawling around in the muck for a while.
  3. You need to feed yourself to grow.
  4. As you grow, you’ll climb to new hieghts.
  5. To be transformed, you have to be willing to let go, little foot by little foot.
  6. Once you let go, your world will be turned upside down.
  7. Those watching the transformation take place will be awe-struck and inspired. It is very cool to witness!
  8. When you emerge from the transformation process, you’ll be more beautiful than you ever thought possible.
  9. Once you have your wings, you’ll see the world with a whole new perspective.
  10. True freedom comes only after all these other steps are complete.

I am just as in awe as my little children watching this whole cycle unfold. But, the truth is, if we look close these kinds of transformations are happening all around us in the human world too!

Have you ever watched a caterpillar go through it’s process? What stage do you find yourself in right this minute? What areas of your life would you like to see transformed? Do you believe God has a plan for you, to make you STUNNING, AWE-INSPIRING, and NEW? Do you think the caterpillar ever mistake its stages and think that it is in its final stage, when it is actually just entering another transformation?

Just some food for thought, and I hope it tastes better than the sticky goo those caterpillars are eating. :o)