From the desk of Travis Buckner, Youth Leader 

With today marking a full month for me as part of Snowmass Chapel it has been everything I imagined and then some! Feeling completely safe, supported and guided by the Lord to the doors of the Chapel has put not only me, but my family and friends, in a peaceful state of mind.

The God-sent opportunity to become the new Youth Leader here in this community is a position I hold with very high praise and responsibility. To be the individual that helps children of all ages connect with and learn about the world we live in, working with others, themselves, and most importantly Jesus Christ – what an honor. 

This position is challenging me in many ways in my life as a young African American man, father, coach, brother, son and role model. 

The deep passion, knowledge, positivity and joy that I have for the game of basketball is what I believed has truly helped me not only play the game at a high level but now become a high school coach where I’m blessed to be in yet another position of leadership. I truly look forward to growing and learning in both areas while getting to know more students, parents and families in the valley as Youth Leader and Basketball Coach. I intend to bring that same love, hard work mentality to my work with youth, but most of all the ability to be available to kids whether at a sports game or in Sunday school.

I will end with saying just how grateful and thankful I am that the Lord has never left my side, purposely placed people in my life for a reason, and redirected me on a path of stability to showcase the gifts he has blessed me with. I look forward to sharing that with youth in the years ahead!